Let the Comparing begin

Super Street Fighter 4 VS Tekken 6

SF vs T6

SF vs T6

Hey all sorry for the late post and happy new year may you had the best starting of the year.. ^_^ So what do we have this month…yeah you guessed it right…the two most fan favorite arcade styled fighting games Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6. So without an further due lets begin. Super Street Fighter 4, by Capcom, is originally an updated version of street fighter 4 with more roster to play from than the original version and Tekken 6, by Namco, is a traditional arcade styled duel combat game which relies more on hand to hand combat than projectile throwing and hence giving the players more tough time while playing as the game requires much skill to land combos and attacks.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

So now move on to the good old detailed comparison that would be easily notable during the gameplay of the two games respectively. And let me remind you guys and gals this is my personal views that how the first game differs from others not to decide which game is the best. ^_^


Ah the graphics the one thing most of us give a good look before taking that game off the shelf stand on line to pay and play them. (if not then you are probable pirates,if you know what I mean =D). Okay lets get down to business. Super Street Fighter 4 has the new 3D rendered models which does not follows the photorealistic rendering to give it more of  a hand drawn look which I can say is unique in fighting games like it till date. Although the models are in 3D but the game still remains in the traditional 2D plane to play on.

Chun-Li from SSF4

Chun-Li from SSF4

The game also provides some other color options like ink, posterised and watercolor which gives the players a brand new experience. It looks decently good and received many positive reviews from both players and critics.

Different Extra touches in SSF4

Different Extra touches in SSF4

Getting to Tekken 6. The game uses a proprietary graphics engine running at 60 frames per second as well as a dynamic physics engine named Octave Engine which allows water to behave accordingly to how characters move. The graphics engine has been designed with focus on character-animation to make movements look more smooth and realistic which led to many animations being remade to either reflect the impact and damage caused or to create new possibilities in gameplay. The developers considered animation specifically important for a fighting game and wanted to make the game “look good in motion” whereas previous installments had been designed to “look good on still-shots”. Since Bloodline Rebellion, the game supports dynamic full-body motion blur, making Tekken 6 the first fighting game to do so.

Tekken 6 in-game screenshot

Tekken 6 in-game screenshot


Well the gameplay, the most important and vital part of any game and what game is a game without a good gameplay and luckily both of the games today on our hands have incredible game plays.

Lets start with Super Street Fighter, the game runs on custom Capcom engine but is good enough to engage any player for hours of fun game play. With the easy combos and amazing Ultra combos the game gets interesting even more and it generates a curiosity in you to get all the Ultra combos of each character and the animations increases the adrenaline with amazing bursting combos.

The video shows all the Super and Ultra combos of all the playable characters.

Now Tekken 6. Though the game is a traditional hand to hand combat based fighting game the button smashing in it is rather highy =P, but still it is inteesting to see the number of combos and attacks one character possesses and the UI is the simplest I have ever came across as it is straight to the point no complications at all. For a game this awesome the UI is the simplest I have ever seen. The controls are pretty simple as well and but landing an attack takes much skill than SSF4. Unlike SSF4, Tekken 6 does not has any Super or Ultra combos but a every character has a unique move that is their most powerful attack. Being a console game it has enough fans and players playing the game to reach this much. It is the first in the series to run on the Octave Engine which includes new features like bounce, Item move and rage. Tekken 6 actually famous for its ending cinematic while comes up after the player has completed the game with a specific character in arcade mode, as it motivates the player to complete the game with all the characters because all the stories of each characters are related to each other’s.

These are all the ending cinematic of all the characters of the game.


Well the multiplayer experience for both the games are quiet same except for the fact that it is much more fun while playing Tekken 6 as it completely depends on the skill and information about the combos to win against a live player. Where as in SSF4 it depends upon the timing of the player as the combos are too easy as can be perfect with a few tries. However the intensity of battles in SSF4 is much more than that of Tekken 6 and it has won it many awards like the Best Fighting Game of the year 2008 by many critics. Tekken 6 on the other did received the Best Fighting game for PSP. To be honest the multiplayer depends from person to person but according to the gameplay Tekken 6 is the fan favorite. But in the end both are awesome fighting games and will continue to amaze their fans over the coming years.

That was it for this month hope you like it, I will be back next month with two more games to compare and evaluate, until then see you gamer heads ;-).


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